Get everyone club gear in time for the holidays!

We have partnered with a local vendor to bring you all the JvilleSC gear you are going to need all year long. And just in time for the holidays!

Shirt and Ink (located in the Park Ridge Shopping Center) is our official merchandise supply store, bringing you JvilleSC apparel ranging from shirts, hoodies, hat, hairbands, bags and more! You can even add customized names and numbers to your order.

Not only will you be showing your support from the sidelines, but the club will benefit from getting back a percentage of all sales. This fundraising effort will be used towards items such as future tournament fees, scholarships, registration, etc. Feel free to spread the word and share with friends and family. Best part is that you are supporting local businesses and organizations that are rooted in our community.

With the holiday season underway, get your gear now so you can cheer on your favorite player or team sporting your white, black and green all year long!

Here is the link to our online store:

You can have your items delivered or you can pick them up at the store when they are ready.

Happy shopping! Thanks for your support! GO JVILLE!!!!

If you have any questions or suggestions for items, please reach out to Frank Petka at [email protected].

Shirt and Ink:

2739 W Main St.
(Located in Park Ridge Shopping Center)
Trooper, PA 19403